Megabyte Media is a young company in the IT industry despite its own in 8 directions services. That is a short period, In 6 months, the company received 24 offers successfully completed by taking 10 of them increased and now has more than 500 customers and have observers.





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We can support almost all services, tech and graphic design needs on and on-demand basis. From presentations to branding; websites to infographics with these tech tools- we have got you covered.



Why you should work with us

MBM IT company provides modern and convenient services at affordable prices in a timely manner, based on customer demand and supply.


Technology that matters is Future

Our company is based on the type of activity of customers, reviews current statistics and as soon as possible provides alternative solutions to the problem to business owners.

MBM has its own website for owners of any organization or activity creation, Web design and Web development, Graphic design, Mobile application development, SEO of ready sites, Ranking, SMM, PR offers IT services. Through this, the customer 's sales, provides an increase in development indicators.

MBM operates in the interests of its customers also provides additional services throughout. Customers are using a single Web site development service as follows will receive additional services and gifts:

1 year domain
(site name)

1 month free
website maintenance

1 year hosting
(site space) gift

What They Saythink about us

Youth summit is a large-scale project that brings together leading young people who are active in society and demonstrate their talents in various fields in order to brings them together to achieve a common goal.
Webdevelop - a website that provides useful information on creating web programming and web design using modern technologies and developing this area.
Nectar Caramel is an organization dedicated to the production of sweets, with more than 20 years of experience in this field, based on high technology and quality control.
Business Academy Avlod 21 is a modern education center that provides targeted training of young people in the field of entrepreneurship with the help of experts and effective courses and directly contributes to the further development of business activity.
CHILONZOR ARCH PROJECT is a company in the field of architecture, which successfully carries out its activities in the field of design and engineering of residential and non-residential facilities.
A company that can offer its services in a variety of situations, I can guarantee that the product you order will be of good quality and reliable

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Web Design

The use of colors that are not closely related to the brand and logo of the company in the design of the website and the inability to highlight key areas. As a result, it is unable to attract observers and customers.

Creating a design on the website that can attract viewers through colors that match the company logo and image.

In the process of tracking a website, users can learn all the information about the company without spending a lot of time, on the other hand, the interest of every company observer who uses a good design increases as well as the demand.

Public Relations

Insufficient and complete information about the organization or service is not provided to the public, industry representatives, communication with customers, partners and observers is weak or not established at all. As a result, customers are unaware of the organization’s services and low sales performance.

Public relations professionals establish and maintain relationships with the organization’s target audience, the media, relevant commercial media, and other partner leaders. They enhance the company’s public image by organizing events and promoting the brand.

Increased interest in the brand and confidence in quality services through the actions taken on the basis of a targeted strategy, strengthening the position of the organization in the eyes of society and constant attention.


The company has its own website and even though it is SEO optimized, it can be downgraded and overlooked due to strong competition from search engines.

Ranking is one of the most effective types of services to include a company or product site in the list of high-ranking sites, thereby attracting the attention of users and providing customer requests with fast and complete information before competitors, increase service efficiency.

Be one of the first to increase brand confidence by meeting customer requirements, maintain competitiveness, gain regular customers worldwide.

Graphic Design

Creation of visual products (pictures, posters) using non-modern and low-quality means, lack of attention, widespread lack of information and, consequently, a sharp decline in the number of observers.

Delivering information in a visual way through modern mobile apps and additional details, providing information and services to users using quality products and interesting content.

With the help of rich and eye-catching images, the interest and demand of users for the types of products and services increases, the brand has its own direction with quality and unique design.

Web development

Lack of accurate and complete information about the company's type of activity or products on the Internet or non-compliance with the requirements in terms of quality and design.

A website with a quality and perfect design from a professional team can be prepared at an affordable price and in a short time.

The fact that different age groups of the society have clear and detailed information about the services or products of the business owner and as a result increase the number of customers and increase the brand position among competitors.

Mobile Application Development

Lack of mobile applications that have many features in a particular type of activity or in a particular direction and are intended for a wide audience, or have high prices on them.

Development of a mobile application with modern design and convenient features at agreed prices, based on customer requirements and suggestions in a short time.

Fast and high-quality communication with customers through the fact that a certain person or company has its own mobile application, the level of brand recognition and efficiency increases with the increase In the number of downloads by users.


The absence of an organization or product website on the Internet, the inactivity of the created website, and its non-connection to search engines.

SEO network optimization of all pages and content of a website with creative design and features, i.e. adding it to popular search engines (Google, Yandex), increasing the number of keywords by activity and product type ensure that it is among the most visited sites when searching in.

Increasing the activity of the organization on the Internet by adding the site to search engines, ensuring that it is in demand not only locally but also abroad, to benefit from the traffic spent by users.


Lack of a permanent and active audience on social networks, artificially gathering temporary and inactive observers, spending large sums on ineffective advertising on incorrectly selected networks, lack of a well-thought-out marketing strategy .

Improving product quality, providing accurate and precise information to the public, taking into account the age and interests of observers, conducting healthy competition and creating a targeted strategy, studying customer suggestions and objections, and meeting their requirements.

Increasing the organization's loyal followers on social networks, achieving high trust by meeting their needs with high quality and affordable prices, the natural growth of sales through mutual advertising among customers, competitors in the demand market through well-thought-out content to take the lead among and strengthen their position.