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About us

Megabyte Media Company is a modern organization specializing in information technology.
MBM is a company that provides its offers and services based on the activities and products of each customer with an individual approach.
Despite being a young company in the field of information technology, Megabyte Media, continues to provide its effective services in 9 areas. In a short period of 6 months, the company has successfully implemented 10 of the 24 bids and now has more than 500 customers and observers.
Our company reviews current statistics based on the type of activity of customers and provides alternative solutions to the problem to business owners in a short time.
MBM offers the following services to any organization and business owner:
• Special marketing plan for all types of business
• Website
• Digital Marketing
• Creating mobile applications
• Design Studio
• Photo/video studio
• Typography
• Polygraphy
• Translations
This ensures an increase in customer sales and development performance.

Our Team

Makhmudjon Utkurov


Javokhirbek Khakimjonov


Diyorakhon Nabijonova


Ibrokhim Khakimjonov

Head of Design Department

Kuvonchbek Safarov

UX/UI Designer

Sardor Khoshimov

Graphic Designer

Azizbek Kubaev

Graphic Designer

Mirafzal Ozodov

Motion Designer, Videographer

Fotima Adhamirzaeva

HR Manager

Zuhrohon Adhamirzaeva


Iroda Juraeva

Chief Editor, Translator

Shukrullo Abdurakhmonov

Head of Sales Department

Amirshod Ziyaev

Sales Manager

Mukhriddin Atoullaev

Sales Manager

Abdulloh Nurmatov

Sales Manager

Ibrokhim Turaboev

Head of IT Department,
MERN Stack Developer

Saydakram Aminjonov

Back-end Developer

Mansur Juraev

Front-end Developer

Boburmirzo Negmatov

Back-end Developer

Abror Esonov

Front-end Developer

Maftuna Abdukarimova

Head of SMM Department

Mukhlisa Zokhidova


Iroda Farkhadova



Toshkent shahri, Olmazor tumani, Qoraqamish ko'chasi, 8A

+998 (90) 740 48 07